The Weekend Hotness: Headshots

As seen on Weekend D: This is a very lucky sniper shot in Modern Warfare 2.

Anthony Burch hates the gays, Heavy Rain is doing a disservice to games, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise got delayed, the Destructoid comic is back in action and more happened over the weekend.

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Metro 2033 does full Russian voice, if you want
Disgaea Infinite coming to the PSP this May
Chuck E. Cheese’s Kart Racing coming to Wii
Microsoft’s Game Room won’t have T or M-rated content
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gets DLC and patch
No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise gets delayed in Japan
PSA: Dragon Age ‘Return to Ostagar’ DLC live for 360, PC
Sony is ever so happy about the iPad
Steam sales on Freedom Force and X-Com
MySims are possibly heading toward the skies
BioWare set to ‘pump’ Dragon Age engine for sequel
Rumor: Sonic the Hedgehog 4
SEGA says they’ll trade exclusivity for Shenmue funding
EA should try to buy Take-Two again
Cursed Mountain developer gets shut down
Twisted Metal is not confirmed, but could be a reboot
More The Who coming to The Rock Band

Jace Hall Show season 3 premiere sees Drago win again
How to pay for indie games
Pokemon drawn in traditional Japanese style art
Battletoads custom figures are totally rad
Super up your NES with stereo sound and other wonders
DOOM miniature figures selling for loads on eBay

Ubisoft teases Splinter Cell Conviction ‘making of’ doc
Korg DS-10 Plus golden, out next month
What’s up with Dragon Age ‘Awakening’s’ BlackMarsh?
Skate 3 devs explain what ‘Port Carverton’ is all about
Ragnarok DS brings touch controls to MMO action
MotoGP 09/10 demo to hit in Feb, DLC detailed
Check out these new screens of FF XIII… on the PS2

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