The Weekend Hotness: Hadouken (09/28/08)

Continuing the theme of bad voice acting this weekend, here’s the Street Fighter II promo tape again that was on Weekend Destructainment yesterday. Top notch voice actors you hired there, Capcom.

Jim questions whether it was right or not to talk about Jack Thompson, the dog in Fable II is just a dog, a new DS may be revealed soon, and plenty more happened during the weekend. 

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Jack Thompson: Were we wrong to feed the troll?

Ghostbusters game may lead to Ghostbusters III
SecuROM comes to Steam via Crysis Warhead
Molyneux on Fable II’s canine companion: “He’s just a dog.”
Drug dealing minigames in GTA DS cause ‘controversy’ already

World at War perks revealed
New Nintendo DS with camera and music playback?

EarthBound community does Spore spectacularly well

Koopas invade Minnesota, fortunately on the decline
Shocker: Some GameStop locations use bathrooms as storage

These Valhalla Knights 2 videos are just … no

Feel the Hatred: The onslaught of Fall/Winter game releases

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