The Weekend Hotness: Fireballs!

So. Many. Fireballs.

Jim gave a objective review of Final Fantasy XIII, Destructoid checks out FrontierVille, nab some Twisted Metal goodies at Comic-Con, Inception is really good, like really you should go watch it if you know what’s good for you and more happened over the weekend.

Destructoid Originals:
100% Objective Review: Final Fantasy XIII
Weekend Destructainment: Rising hard
Destructoid vs. FrontierVille: Neighbor FAIL


Community blogs of 07/17 & 07/18
Forum of the day: The Pub – Let’s have a lock-in

Last call: Do something naughty and win Naughty Bear!

San Diego Comic-Con:
Twisted Metal goodies and art at Comic-Con


James Bond 007: Blood Stone trailer shakes and stirs
God of War gets the indie makeover it never needed
XBLA version of Plants v. Zombies has co-op and vs. modes
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light lands early on 360
$35,000 Nintendo Entertainment System sells for $50,000
Red Dead Redemption looks gorgeous in time-lapse footage
Kane and Lynch 2 demo hitting PS Plus on Tuesday
Retro City Rampage will sabotage your thunder hats

Monster hunts and clock towers hacked into Smash Bros.
Dave Quiles blows us away with his Celsius Aran
Mod time: N64 into a Game Gear
Ugly gaming clothes: Space Invaders IRL
Bayonetta strikes quite the pose in this sculpture

Shove these Souls of Zill O’ll screens up your ring
Borderlands gets played for charity
James Bond 007: Blood Stone trailer shakes and stirs
Other M developers – ‘This is a high-tech-NES-game’
Cashman weighs in on 1 vs. 100’s cancellation

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