The Weekend Hotness: Face/Off-book

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Jim gave us a positive list of things about the PSPgo, Holmes reviewed Dead Space Extraction, Scribblenauts had a really dumb name, the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer is badass and more happened over the weekend.

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Gridrunner Revolution
Dead Space Extraction
The Warriors: Street Brawl
Fashion Review: T-shirts from Casually Hardcore

Name a unit in Command & Conquer 4
Undead Knights PSN ‘demo’ was actually the full game
Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! 2 due out this spring
Want another Dark Cloud? Ask louder, dummy!
SAG, AFTRA and the games industry agree on new contracts
Wii Fit Plus jumps the shark… and then weighs it
‘Love Square Enix’ soundtrack has pretty music on it
Hey, Indonesia! Yea, you! Come get your PS3
Demon’s Souls’ servers aren’t live until game launch
Ueda wants to make an FPS, loves Half-Life 2
Scribblenauts had a really dumb name to start with
WarDevil is going to look pretty if it exists
Deck 13 on how to craft a story-driven game
Indie shmup Bullet Candy Perfect on sale for as low as $1
Rumor: Digital rental of PSP games coming?
3D Dot Game Heroes details blasted in your whorish faces
Indie game ‘Dyson’ is now ‘Eufloria,’ still looks neat
GH: Van Halen lands, yours should be there Monday
Max Payne 3 will revamp bullet time and be awesome
LittleBigPlanet PSP officialy dated for November
SH*T JUST GOT REAL: Nintendogs invade Animal Crossing

Play Madden 10 with a guitar controller! Wait, no… WTF?
Liberty City’s legal system is pretty lenient
Awesome custom Mega Man and Punch-Out figures

Uncharted 2 gets its own ‘it does everything’ commercial
Final Fantasy XIII trailer with English dubs surfaces
PSPgo kinda sorta hacked a bit
Tim Schafer talks Brutal Legend on Late Night
Latest Modern Warfare 2 trailer reveals, well… watch

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