The Weekend Hotness: Donkey Kong!

As seen on Weekend D: It’s the old Donkey Kong Country promo. I truly miss videogame marketing like this. It’s just too serious today. Granted, it’s our jobs to try and make videogame news entertaining now.

We talked to 2K about BioShock, the new Monthly Musing topic is up, Holmes looked at the bosses of No More Heroes 2, you can win a bunch of Dante’s Inferno swag, Sonic might be playable in Mario Galaxy 2 and more happened over the weekend.

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Win Dante’s Inferno prizes by indulging in a sin!


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DISH Network bringing Tetris to your TV
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Rare showing off Perfect Dark at X10, we preview it now
Rumor: Sonic the Hedgehog playable in Mario Galaxy 2
Saudis use videogames to reintegrate terrorists
Demon’s Souls swings the way you choose for V Day
Developers not developing as many Wii games
Here comes the new Pokemon…
New Blaster Master game coming to WiiWare this Monday?!?
Bungie will be sending Halo 2 off in style
Modern Warfare 2 ‘care package’ patch incoming soon
Alpha Protocol delayed again, this time with reasoning
Toys R’ Us all about free stuff this week
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to have WWII level(s)
PlayStation 3 sales cross 30 million worldwide
Buy two 360 Platinum Hits get one free at Amazon

Here’s some videogame rap music for your morning

The Prince of Persia movie Super Bowl trailer sans sports
First R.U.S.E. making-of video is shiny
Syndicate art confirms the game was/is in the works
Can I get a hand-clap? Blaster Master: Overdrive video

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