The Weekend Hotness: DJ Sterling

That Jim Sterling is such a cheeky bastard!

See ten classic games that didn’t age well, Dexter checked out MAG, Patapon shoes rock, Avatar: The Game may or may not be a good thing, Jack Ryan is Jesus, Smash TV will rise again and more happened over the weekend.

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Being a face in the crowd with the PS3’s 256-player MAG

Reminder: We’re giving away six copies of Magnacarta 2!

Trials developer put game up on torrent sites
Tekken movie sales art shows off the color blue
Stealing Modern Warfare 2? Activision will hunt you down
Comparing stuff: Original GoW games vs. GoW Collection
Cliffy B: Borderlands is the Diablo of the FPS generation
BioShock’s Jack to be a religious figure in BioShock 2?
Rock Band 3 will teach us to play for real, apparently
EA signs Strikeforce for upcoming MMA title
Select Blockbusters to host Modern Warfare 2 launches
FFXIII offers up some anagram fun
Visually impaired gamer sues Sony
Smash TV ‘will rise again’
More Call of Duty and Guitar Hero coming in 2010
3D Dot Game Heroes possible for Xbox 360
No committing to Zelda in 2010 for Nintendo
Art imitates life: Bit.Trip VOID in time for Thanksgiving
German Modern Warfare 2 won’t let you kill civilians
Ubisoft demands high Assassin’s Creed 2 review score?
Yamauchi has played Forza 3, thinks it’s not quite a sim
Cave Story Wii gets closer to release, much more yellow
Iwata: Digital distribution will be prevalent in 20 years
Pre-loading Left 4 Dead 2 is now something you can do
Daily Mail jumps on Modern Warfare 2 ‘outrage’
Evony uses porn cover ladies to advertise
Sony exclusives getting pinball treatment
Activision did not allow retailers to break street date
New game from Hatsworth devs brings cookies and violence

Patapon shoes will rock someone else’s feet
Mario and Home Depot: not just plumbing in common

Gyromancer gets dated, trailerized
And this is what Avatar: The Game looks like
Are you man enough for this PokePark Wii video?
First good look at EA Sports MMA

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