The Weekend Hotness: Citizen Beast

Oh Jim Sterling!

Find out why Bayonetta is hotter than your girlfriend, Anthony reviewed JUMP!, Soul Reaver is coming to PSN, the Anger circle of Hell is shown off from Dante’s Inferno, Tekken 6 is gold and more wonderful things happened over the weekend. 

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Kids love Nintendo more than anything… EVAR
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver coming to PSN
A bit of graphical improvement for Sin & Punishment 2
Platinum Games steadily disowning Bayonetta PS3
Rumor: Two new Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns revealed
PSP Minis developers getting screwed by ESRB
Check out Tony Hawk: RIDE at GameStop now… kind of
Hideo Kojima uses Obama Peace Prize to plug his game
Resistance 3 billboard on movie set reveals NYC setting
Reggie asks what the PSPgo’s benefit is
Is Sony dabbling in ‘Sorcery’?
Resident Evil: Afterlife brings the undead to Los Angeles
Tekken 6 goes gold, has a ton of online features
Toys R’ Us giving you a free game after you buy two
Learn about evolution and lizard men with Shootanto
Rumor: Mass Effect 2 hitting PS3

Jordin Sparks puts Pac-Man on her fingernails
Old, crazy, topless man shows off his Neo Geo collection
Who needs graphics: three games in 15 pixels

Madasgascar gets a kart racer
A Boy and his Blob and their boss battle and this blog
3D Dot Game Heroes video turns the Zelda up to eleven
Steaming turd tossing in the Crystal Bearers ESRB-nounced
Dante enters anger, hits things with his scythe
The second look at Lead & Gold should have been the first
Blur weapons showed off in neon colors
Jurassic: The Hunted has screenshots (pics of dinosaurs!)
LostWinds lands in UK, the rest of the world gets trailer
Two minutes of The Grudge Wii is right proper creepy

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