The Weekend Hotness: Birthday boy

As seen on Weekend D: Will Smith plus Turtles in Time equals this. 

Dale talked to Telltale, Jim loves Dry Bones, we reviewed Dead or Alive Paradise, the iPad launched, it was my birthday and plenty more happened over the weekend!

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Community blogs of 04/03/10 & 04/04/10

Dead or Alive Paradise


BioWare: Dragon Age marketing showed what was in the game
Is support for the PSPgo waning?
‘Southpaw’ controls to be added to Perfect Dark XBLA?
Microsoft apparently up MechWarrior 4 release
Microsoft lets Just Cause 2 DLC release date slip
Microsoft: Publishers ‘struggle’ on Wii
Chinatown Wars accounted for 50% of all M-rated DS sales
Alan Wake DLC to be like a ‘Christmas special’
Sony: Core gamers ‘look down their nose’ at Wii
Green Day: Rock Band to have entire American Idiot album
Sadness soundtrack released by composer
Bungie explodes with Halo: Reach details
Ninja Theory: PS3’s 3D capability will be limited
THQ has a $40 million Natal game just waiting to be made
More Ubisoft DRM bullsh*t: Settlers 7 has issues
Commodore 64 iPhone/iPod App is free right now!
Penny Arcade creators, Molyneux in Time’s Top 100 poll
Killzone 2 will NOT be getting the 3D treatment
Goozex going retro, adds six thousand games to service
Get your face into The Conduit 2
How to make your own New Super Mario Bros. Wii levels
Buy the Super Meat Boy Tiger Handheld Game, support irony

The ultimate in awesome: Plants vs. Zombies plushies
Play Super Mario Bros in text adventure form
Mega Man is in the hood … ie
Watch Sonic X on Hulu this Easter
Peep this: Mario and Wii Sports get immortalized as Peeps

Resident Evil 4 announced for iPad
CD Projekt: The Witcher will be the best looking RPG ever
Arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV hitting Japan

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