The Weekend Hotness: Amber lamps

Don’t mess with epic beard man.

We reviewed Alien vs. Predator, FarmVille is really popular still for whatever crazy reason, NBA Jam will be going multi-platform, Missile Command is going to be turned into a movie and more happened over the weekend.

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Aliens vs. Predator

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Sonic 3 level designer is working on Sonic the Hedgehog 4
Final Valkyria Chronicles DLC coming Feb. 25
Big Fish Games’ first Facebook game is Faunasphere
Missile Command: The next ridiculous videogame movie?
FarmVille remains popular, more than 80 million users
Tecmo Bowl Throwback rated by ESRB
Flight Control hitting DSiWare next week
Pitchford: Pachter was ‘wrong’ about Borderlands
This Is The Only Level gets a sequel
Destructoid editor mentioned on Xbox Live in poor joke
Check out what EGM’s digital version will be like
Videogames are ‘sexualizing children’
Rogue Squadron listed for the Wii
Save glitch lets you see Shinobu naked
Sony registers Motorstorm 3 site
Squenix will remake FF VII if they can do it in a year
God of War director all about Dante’s Inferno
Vietnam hinted as location for next Call of Duty again
Confirmed: WoW plushies are cute
Rumor: NBA Jam coming to PS3 and 360 as well as Wii
Age of Conan still coming to Xbox 360

The Settlers 7 Gold Edition detailed, ready for pre-order
Just Cause 2 lays out how to blow stuff up good

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