The Weekend Hotness 08/24/08

Here’s the exclusive Joker Fatality unveiling that went up on GameTrailers. Brad N. posted the gif of this amazing Fatality, and now we have the the actual video where the MK vs DC team give out some new info on the game.

Jim unleashes a new Golden Rules, Brad N. interviews Micah Skaritka from The Conduit, Second Life is weird, and plenty more happened over the weekend.

Weekend Regulars:
Weekend Destructainment: Do the Humpty Hump
Best of the Network this week
Highlights from the Destructoid Community 08/24/08
Games of the week for 08/24/08: Skeleton Warriors edition

Ten Golden Rules of videogame piracy
The Great Retro Olympics!: Closing ceremony

Interview with The Conduit designer Micah Skaritka

Destructoid Review:
Galaga Legions
Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1

The Conduit designer talks Wii waggle
The Joker’s Fatality puts a smile on your face
Gears of War 2 DLC is coming soon after launch
LittleBigRegionLocked [Updated for Sony crossed wire shenanigans]
Woman tries to kidnap online ex-boyfriend from Second Life
Square Enix saves guilds from the trouble of vomiting, boss will be fixed
Project Origin delayed, creepy girl gets more restless
PlayStation Portable: The great corporate motivator
Metal USB controller seems useless

Trailers & Videos:
Sonic Chronicles trailer chronicles your Sonics

Man plays Mario theme with banana

Hamza Aziz