The Weekend Hotness 07/06/08

I’m excited for Chrono Trigger, but I’m more interested in playing the original Super Nintendo version first. Yeah, I’ve never played the game. But I really want to now! The new DS trailer isn’t helping my recent obsession. 

Brad talks about Grand Theft Childhood, RetroforceGO! is coming back this Thursday, Persona 4 is dated, and plenty more happened over the weekend here at Destructoid. 

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Weekend Reading: Grand Theft Childhood
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Destructoid Reviews:
Guitar Hero: On Tour
Review scraps: Universe at War: Earth Assault

RetroforceGO! is back! New episode recording this Thursday!

Noel Gallagher blames violent games for UK knife crime
GP editorial: ‘Jack Thompson a curious choice for freedom award’
Japanese Web site asks if you’re still Wii Fit
Perverts Rejoice: Princess Maker 5 disturbs its way onto the PSP
Champions Online shut down to check if it was fun
Dynasty Warriors developers counting down to new DS game
Phantasy Star Portable will make you poor, but at least the demo is free
Persona 4 dated in the US! Yes!
BBFC: PEGI rating performed by ‘a couple of blokes’
Captain Obvious: Naruto: Rise of a Ninja sequel in development
Shocker: People who buy consoles usually have another one
Burnout Paradise might get planes in the future … *head asplodes*

New unannounced Halo game in the works

Two new videos of Renegade Kid’s Moon
Chrono Trigger DS countdown reveals new trailer, not much else

Touch My Warp Whistle? Twisted advert on Craigslist is … wow
Create Mario Paint symphonies on your desktop with Mario Composer

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