The top 10 finalist in the Nintendo Short Cuts contest

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Nintendo just released their top 10 choices for the Nintendo Short Cuts contest. The first thing you’ll notice is that the Punch-Out video, the one I thought would have a great chance at winning, didn’t make the cut. Considering that some of the entries are well, garbage, it’s really infuriating to see Punch-Out not even get a mention. 

So what did make the cut? Well let me break it down to you:

The Blue Light Zone: Eye of the Mii-Holder:

This is the spoof of the classic Twilight Zone episode where the guy had face surgery to become a normal person. Normal though, for the Twilight Zone, was that he had a normal human face, but everyone else HAD A FREAKISHLY DEFORMED FACE! OH THE HORROR!

Koopa ForceThe second I heard Bowser singing his theme song I knew I had seen this before. In fact, this video is almost a year old. It was even submitted in an older Nintendo contest! But hey, who am I to b*tch? After all, the creator of the video did spend 4 years making the video. 

The Legend of Zelda: The Missing LinkLink somehow finds himself in modern times trying to survive. At least, that’s what I think is happening. It’s nearly impossible to read the subtitles. Also, random Super Smash Bros fight. 

The Killing of a No Good Goomba: It’s like an episode of Law & Order but in the Mushroom Kingdom. 

PRETENDO: Mario and Link have to save the princess. Mario’s princess to be specific. Also hot chicks.

Good vs. Wiivil: A man’s life is in the control of two Wiimote operators. One good, the other WIIVIL!!!!

The Nintendo Office: Everyone imagines working for Nintendo would be awesome. In reality, it’s not.  The scene where the employee gets called into Bowser’s office is great.

The Last Wii: Two friends must race to the store and buy the last Wii. Before their neighbor tries and buys it before them. 

Nintendo News Network: All the big news from around the Nintendo universe. The bit at the end with the winning lottery numbers is hilarious.  

All My Systems: A man falls in love with the Wii and neglects his other loves. I rather watch Passions.

So who do you think will win? I’m thorn between Pretendo and Nintendo News Network as the winner. Also, isn’t it nice how Nintendo is giving you the option of voting even though it has no effect on the out come of who wins? By nice, I mean stupid. 

[Thanks to Jon for the tip and breaking my heart.] 

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