The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U challenges unlocking guide


All the unlockables!

Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U was released yesterday. If you've picked up the game, you've likely put a few hours into it already, though chances are a lot of that time has been spent on multiplayer. Sadly, there isn't too much content to unlock with Vs. matches alone. If you're looking to start digging into the rest of the game's content, this is the guide for you!

The challenges are numbered in an order starting from the upper left hand corner, going to the right and then down. If you need help with any of these specific challenges, let us know. I've gotten through about 71 of them myself, and would be more than happy to give you a few tips. That said, I could use a few tips myself. If you can show me how to beat the "Kirby's Crazy Appetite" Event on Hard, I will reward you with a hand drawn thank you card of the Misfits cover of your choosing. 

Note, a lot of trophies that are common in the Smash Bros. for the 3DS are now hard to get unlockables in the Wii U version. If you're content to have Sin and Punishment's Saki Amamiya on your handheld and not your home console game, you may be better off, as clearing All-Star with every character on Hard isn't something that just anybody is capable of doing. 

Good luck!

1. Clear Classic on intensity 9.0 without losing a life: Double Final Smasher Protection Badge equipment

2. Play as Lucina and score 8 or more KOs alone in Cruel Smash: Vampire Brawn Badge equipment

3. Play as Dr Mario and get Fever Rush 8 or more times alone in Trophy Rush: 100,000G

4. Play as Pit and score 4 or more KOs alone in Cruel Smash: Reaper trophy

5. Play Pac-Man in Stage 3 of Solo Target Blast and score 300,000 using the back (left) wall: Whomp trophy

6. Clear Solo Classic in 12 minutes on intensity 9.0 with Marth: Critical Hitter Sword equipment

7. Collect all custom moves: Smooth Lander Brawn Badge equipment

8. Collect all Mii outfits: Able Sisters trophy

9. Get 8 or more KOs in Solo Cruel Smash: Toadsworth trophy

10. Collect all Mii headgear: Majora's Mask trophy

11. Clear All-Star on Hard with all characters: Saki Amamiya trophy

12. Destroy a total of 50,000 blocks in Trophy Rush: Moon Launcher Protection Badge equipment

13. Clear True Solo All-Star without recovering health between rounds with Captain Falcon: Deathborn trophy

14. Score 450,000 in a single game of Target Blast Stage 3: Magolor trophy

15. Collect over 300,000g: Prince of Sable trophy

16. Collect 700 unique trophies: Item Hitter Agility Badge equipment

17. Get a Perfect on every stage in Target Blast: 20,000g

18. Clear Crazy Orders after 20 or more turns with Mario: F.L.U.D.D. trophy

19. Score 85 or more in a single Rival Smash: Waluigi trophy

20. Collect all CDs: Tac trophy

21. Clear Classic on intensity 9.0 without any customizations: Knuckle Joe trophy

22. Clear True All-Star in 6 minutes with Jigglypuff: Koffing trophy

23. Clear Classic on intensity 8.0 with 3 different characters: Master Fortress: Second Wave CD

24. Start the final battle in Smash Tour with 10 fighters: Flying Man trophy

25. Clear True All-Star on Hard with Duck Hunt: Samus (Dark Suit) trophy

26. Use Ganondorf in Home-Run contest and hit the Sandbag at least 3,280ft: King K. Rool trophy

27. Clear True Solo All-Star Mode within 6 minutes with Shulk on any difficulty: Mechonis trophy

28. Clear 3-Minute Smash after getting 120 KOs: Kritter trophy

29. Clear True All-Star Mode on Normal or higher without using healing items: 150,000g

30. Complete the reward conditions on all Solo Events: Galacta knight trophy

31. Clear True All-Star Mode without using healing items with Zero Suit Samus: Gunship trophy

32. Clear the "All-Star Battle: Secret" Event on Hard: Shadow trophy

33. Clear Classic on intensity 7.0 or higher with all characters: Regal Crown Mii headgear

34. Clear the "The FINAL Battle: Event on Hard: Soulflee trophy

35. Play Bowser Jr. in Solo Target Blast Stage 1 and score 150,000: Countdown Drill equipment

36. Play Samus and get a chain of at least 100 in Trophy Rush alone and without taking damage: KO Healer Arm Cannon equipment

37. Clear All-Star on Hard with 8 different characters: Caloric Immortal Protection Badge equipment

38. Clear True All-Star on Hard alone with Ike: Black Knight trophy

39. Play Cruel Smash alone with Luigi and survive for 1 minute: Mr. L trophy

40. Hit the Sandbag over 3,280 feet win Home-Run Contest: Daisy (Baseball) trophy

41. Clear a Master Orders ticket on Intense: Desperate Specialist Agility Badge equipment

42. Clear Crazy Orders after 12 or more turns: Soda Popinski trophy

43. Get 3 or more KOs on your rival in Rival Smash: Dixie Kong trophy

44. Clear True All-Star mode on Hard: Perfect-Shield Helper Brawn Badge equipment

45. Get 120 or more KOs in a single Endless Smash: Unharmed Attacker Agility Badge equipment

46. Clear Classic on intensity 8.0 with 2 or more characters: Master Fortress: First Wave CD

47. Clear "Kirby's Crazy Appetite" Event on Hard: Fire Kirby trophy

48. Clear 10-Man Smash within 25 seconds with all characters: Wonder-Yellow trophy

49. Clear Solo 3-Minute Smash with 100 KOs with Mii Gunner: Birdo trophy

50. Get a chain of 300 or more in Trophy Rush: CommanderVideo trophy

51. Play Ness in Stage 3 of Solo Target Blast and get 200,000: Jeff trophy

52. Play Meta Knight and score 90 KOs in Solo Endless Smash: Substitute Doll trophy

53: Get a Perfect on any stage in Target Blast: 5,000g

54. Clear all Solo Events: Special Flag trophy, Golden Hammer

55. Clear a Master Order on Hard or higher with King Dedede: King Dedede's Theme CD

56. Clear 3-Minute Smash with 110 Kos with Boswer: Banzai Bill trophy

57. Clear 10-Man Smash alone with Dr. Mario without taking any damage: Dr. Mario Masterpiece

58. Play Fox alone in Trophy Rush and get Fever Rush 6 or more times in a single game: Krystal trophy

59. KO your rival 4 or more times in Rival Smash: Ice Climbers trophy

60. Clear Crazy Orders after 10 or more turns with Greninja: Battle! (Reshiram/Zekrom) CD

61. Clear a Master Order on Very Hard or higher: Trade-Off Attacker Protection Badge equipment

62. Get a chain of 200 or more with Donkey Kong in Trophy Rush: DK Rap CD

63. Get 3 or more Checkpoint Bonuses in Smash Tour: Bionis trophy

64. Clear Solo 100-Man Smash in 3 minutes with Mii Sword-fighter: Multi-Man Melee 2 (Melee) CD

65. Collect 300 unique trophies: Timmy & Tommy trophy

66. Score at least 200,000 in a single game of Target Blast Stage 2: Dire Hydrant custom move (Pac-Man)

67. Defeat 12 or more fighters in a single Smash Tour: Crazy Orders Pass

68. Come in 1st in 5 or more Smash Tour battles: 2,000g

69. View every fighter's Final Smash: Smash Ball trophy

70. Destroy 250 blocks in a single game of Trophy Rush: Crazy Orders Pass

71: Get 1 or more KOs in Cruel Smash: Duck Hunt Stage and Character 

72. Clear Solo Classic within 20 minutes with Olimar: Mission Mode CD

73. Play as Zelda in Solo Target Blast Stage 1 and get 150,000: Wolf Link trophy

74: Clear Solo Classic at intensity 5.5 or higher with Wario, without any customizations: Full Steam Ahead (Spirit Tracks) CD

75. Clear Solo All-Star on Normal or higher with Lucario: Meloetta Pokeball

76: Clear Solo 100-Man Smash in 3 minutes with Sonic: Speed Skater Shoes equipment

77. Hit the Sandbag between 1,640 and 1,656 ft. with ROM in Home-Rune Contest: Dr. Light trophy

78. Play Robin alone in Trophy Rush and get Fever Rush 4 or more times: Conquest (Ablaze) CD

79. Play Pikachu alone in Trophy Ruch and destroy a total of 200 blocks: Xerneas Pokeball

80. Clear 10-Man Smash in 17 seconds: Gerudo Valley CD

81. Play Sheik and score 50 KOs or more in Solo Endless Smash: Tetra trophy

82. Hit the Sandbag between 1,640 and 1,65 ft. in Home-Run Contest: Wonder-Green trophy

83. Clear the "Fitness Junkie" Event on Normal or higher: Snorlax trophy

84. Play Falco alone and get a chain of at least 150 in Trophy Rush: Accele-Reflector custom move (Falco)

85. Get a max combo of 50 or more in Training mode: Unharmed Speed Demon Agility Badge equipment

86. Hit the Sandbag 1,968 ft, or more in Home-Run Contest: Earthbound Masterpiece

87. Use a Tour Item 18 times or more in Smash Tour: Riki trophy

88. Play Link and score 50 KOs in Solo Endless Smash: Ripping Boomerang custome move (Link)

89. Play Mr. Game & Watch alone and destroy 100 blocks in a single game of Trophy Rush: Flat Zone X Stage

90. Clear Solo Classic on intensity 5,5 or higher with Kirby: Kirby's Adventure Masterpiece

91. Play Palutena on Stage 2 of Solo Taget Blast and score 80,000 or more using the back (left) wall: In the Space-Pirate Ship CD

92. Deal the final blow to a boss in Smash Tour: Ridley trophy

93. Clear Crazy Orders after 5 or more turns: Speed Crasher Agility Badge equipment

94. Get a score of more than 20 in a single Rival Smash: Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) CD

95. Play Charizard and get 328 ft. or farther without using the bat in Home-Run Contest: Rock Hurl custom move (Charizard)

96. KO your rival 2 or more times in Rival Smash: Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley CD

97. Clear the "No Mere Sparring Match" Event on Normal or higher: Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream Masterpiece

98. Clear Solo Classic without losing a single like with Little Mac: Title (Punch-Out!!) CD

99. Obtain a score of 25 or more in a single Rival Smash with Dark Pit: Guiding Bow custom move (Dark Pit) 

100. Play Toon Link in Solo Target Blast Stage 2 and get 120,000: Lor Starcutter trophy

101. Reveal the entire wall during the credits: Credits CD

102. Clear Classic on intensity 5.5 or highter: Master Core CD

103. Get a max combo of 30 or more in Training: Title Theme (Wii Sports Resort) CD

104. Clear Solo Classic with Yoshi: Yoshi Masterpiece

105. Clear 10-Man Smash in 25 seconds: Fancy Suit Mii outfit

106. Play Peach and hit the Sandbag 1,049 ft. in Home-Run Contest: Title/Ending (Super Mario World) CD

107. Get 50 or more KOs in a single Endless Smash: No-Flinch Smash Protection Badge equipment

108. Clear Classic without losing a single life: Dr. Kawashima trophy

109. Clear All-Star on normal or higher: Hyper Smasher Brawn Badge equipment

110. Clear 100-Man Smash in 3 minutes: Wii Fit Plus Medley CD

111. Clear the "Behind Enemy Lines" Event: Tricky trophy

112. Clear 100-Man Smash: Tatris: Type B CD, Golden Hammer

113. Clear 3-Minutes Smash after getting 60 or more KOs: 1,000g

114: Have the game on for more than 10 hours: Mr. Resetti trophy

115. Clear Classic on intensity 2.0 or more with 5 characters: Master Hand trophy, Golden Hammer

116. Collect 50 different special moves: Nimble Dodger Agility Badge equipment

117. Recover the stat boosts a Metroid stole from you in Smash Tour: Vs. Parasite Queen CD

118. Score at least 150,000 in a single game of Target Blast Stage 1: Exploding Popgun custom move (Diddy Kong)

119. Clear the "The Falchion;s Seal" Event on normal or higher: Dashing Assault custom move (Marth)

120. Get a chain of 100 or more in a single game of Trophy Rush: Chomp Hat Mii headgear

121. Clear Solo 10-Man Smash within 35 seconds while playing as Mii Brawler: Fighter Uniform Mii outfit

122. Collect 15 different special moves: Air Attack Brawn Badge equipment

123. Clear Crazy Orders while playing as Villager: Rover trophy

124. Clear the "When Lightning Strikes" event: Pokemon Stadium 2 Stage

125. Collect 50 unique trophies: Celest trophy

126. Clear the "Playing Tricks" event: Smashville stage

127. Clear a Master Orders ticker while playing as Mega Man: Tornado Hold custom move (Mega Man)

128. Clear Crazy Orders: Crazy Hand trophy

129. Play all the maps in Smash Tour: Pac-Land stage

130. Get a chain of at least 50 in Trophy Rush while playing alone and as Wii Fit Trainer: Wii Fit U Trainer trophy

131. Clear 10-Man Smash: 100G

132. Clear a Master Orders ticker while playing as Rosalina & Luma: Rosalina in the Observatory/Luma's Theme CD

133. Clear a Master's Order ticket: Crazy Orders Pass

134. Bump into an enemy who appears on the board during Smash Tour: Nabbit trophy

135. Create a Mii Fighter in Custom: Peach Crown Mii headgear

136. Customize a fighter in Custom: Shield Regenerator Protection Badge equipment

137. Create a stage in Stage Builder: Saharah trophy

138. Bump into every opponent on the board in a single game of Smash Tour: Mecha Suit Mii outfit

139. Clear the "The Original Heavyweights" event: Kongo Jungle 64 stage

140. Clear All-Star: Victini Pokeball

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