The stupidity that was Nick Arcade

You know what’s awesome? Late ’80s and the early ’90s entertainment. You know what’s not awesome? Re-watching the shows you used to love a decade later only to realize that most of what you liked was really crap. It’s not always the case, but watching this montage of Nick Arcade fail makes me question everything I used to love about Nickelodeon prior to my absolute hatred of the network after they destroyed Invader Zim.

It’s amazingly hilarious watching how these kids just can’t follow simple instructions. “Identify three out of five different office supplies.” “A HAMBURGER!” Plus, the show’s host has to be on some kind of drug in order to keep the level of constant happy he’s at.

Oh, Nickelodeon. You used to be so good. I don’t know wha*SLIMED*

What the hell is wrong wit … [Jared Rea’s Twitter]

Hamza Aziz