The Spy is getting a gun with your mother engraved on it

Alright, so technically the engraving on the Spy’s new hand cannon isn’t of your mother per se, but it is of somebody’s mother, presumably the Scout’s old lady. Hey — it made for an interesting headline, or at least I think it did.

So wait, where were we now? The next Team Fortress 2 class update, which is being put out on Steam starting Thursday of this week, is going to grant the Spy access to one seriously badass gun. Hell, from here on out, we shouldn’t even call it a gun; we must only refer to it as a hand cannon, or its proper name, The Ambassador.

Why is a gun in a shooting game post-worthy? Because hand cannons are more or less the greatest guns instruments of destruction ever, that’s why. Don’t tell me you haven’t played Resident Evil 4! “Stranger. What you need that for? Going huntin’ an elephant?” Classic.

Jordan Devore
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