The Spirit Engine 2 now available for free

If you’re into story-based RPGs, listen well: The Spirit Engine 2, formerly $10 (and before that, formerly $18) is now free. Even as someone who doesn’t really dig dialogue-heavy RPGs, there’s some interesting stuff here.

Your party, for instance. You can select three of nine characters at the beginning of the game and no matter what combination of characters you choose, they will all engage in unique, character-specific conversations with one another. Sort of like the elevator conversations between NPCs in the first Mass Effect, except this time the entire game is like that. It’s also a side-scroller, which is pretty wacky.

Either way: if you’re on a budget and want to lose some hours in a unique RPG, check out The Spirit Engine 2. If you really end up enjoying it, don’t hesitate to donate.

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