The Smash DOJO!! recap: STICKERS!

This week at the DOJO has been really exciting (See SlimJimm, I’m not always so cynical)! Most of you are already well aware of the big news that started off the week. But unless you’ve been trapped in a closet, allow me to reiterate. Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur are all playable combatants in the Brawl and are all controlled by the Pokemon Trainer. You can only use one Pokemon at a time which all share one damage meter. They also have a stamina meter though, so even if you’re next Pokemon is at 90% damage, he should still be hard to knock off the battlefield. 

Tuesday brought us news of the sexy Devil creature as another Assist Trophy. He’s only known as Devil from the game Devil World which never made it stateside. Devil flies up into the sky, points his fingers in a direction and causes the stage to shift positions and potentially make you fall to your doom. Wednesdays news brought us … stickers? Apparently, they’re a new type of collectible item (like the trophies from Melee) which you can also arrange them to form comics and what not. Of course, if you’ve started doing that in the game, then it’s time to put the controller down and realize you’ve done everything you possibly can. 

A new technique known as Tether Recovery was revealed on Thursday. For the veterans out there, it just means the grab attack that you could perform with Samus or Link in Melee to cling to a wall and save yourself from a nasty death. Masahiro alludes that a lot more than two characters this time will be able to use the technique. Finally, today’s announcement brought the news a familiar face. Princess Peach is indeed back and yes, she is still using Toad as a human shield.  

Overall, a great week at the DOJO. What was the most exciting bit of news for you?

Hamza Aziz