The Rumble Fish 2 update adds important key features

rumble fish 2 update patch

Physical edition hits PlayStation today

When we reviewed The Rumble Fish 2 in December 2022, we were quick to praise its unique style and great gameplay, but fairly chastised the old-school scrapper for forgetting some hugely important features — vital to any modern fighter, re-released or otherwise. Fortunately, a new update for the cult release will address some of these misgivings today.

The new update, live now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms, contains several vital online options, these include a new Spectator Mode for waiting players, as well as a rematch option at the end of each fight, saving you from having to return to the lobby and search for the same opponent. Additionally, a new indicator will give players a heads-up on their opponent’s connectivity, and will also offer the ability to reject a match if the connection is poor.

The Training Mode has also been tweaked, offering multiple settings for your training dummy, as well as adjustable recovery options for your meters. The Training Mode will also now allow you to save your lab settings for future sessions. Finally, the match timer can now be set to 99 seconds max, and a new “Combat Range” option should prevent a frustrating bug that was causing combos to drop in widescreen ratio. These adjustments will help bring the rerelease up to par with some other fighters, and a further update is expected in April.

In related news, indie publisher Clear River Games has launched a physical edition of The Rumble Fish 2 on PlayStation platforms, with a Nintendo Switch edition releasing on March 28. You can order the physical edition from game retailers in Europe and North America, while the digital edition is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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