The (red) Ring of Fire

Back in February, the Internets was blessed with a very humorous song called “How to kill a brand” by Doc Adams. That song was about how Sony has been (and pretty much kindaish still) is screwing things up with the PlayStation 3. No doubt everyone was thinking that Doc Adams was just some little Xbox or Nintendo fanboy spewing his hatarade on Sony.

Well, Doc Adams is back and this time, the hatarade is targeted towards the Xbox 360. His new song is called “Ring of Fire” which is a parody based on the classic Johnny Cash song of the same name.

Too bad the timing of the song is a little bad since Microsoft is finally doing something to combat the red ring issue. Regardless, it’s a great paradoy and well worth a listen. You can check out the song over at The Sarcastic Gamer.

[Thanks lawl!]

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