The real reason Dr. Wily makes his robot army

It’s been a while since we last heard from the crew at Disappointed People, hasn’t it? If you don’t remember, Disappointed People is a sketch comedy group that have been featured on Destructoid several times in the past. I first took notice of them when they did this Russell Crowe skit (high-five if you understand the joke) and have featured all of their videogame related sketches since then.

DP took a little break last year, but now they’re back and set to make many more videos. The newest one is a quickie, but does explain the reason Mega Man is always after Dr. Wily. Poor Wily, he’s just needs some lovin’.

For more of DP’s work, check out Mega Man suicide, Battletoads blood lust and the devil getting anally raped after losing a game of Halo 2. Hit the jump for Weekend Disappointment, which features Mr. Destructoid actually meeting Disappointed People!

I’ve been saving my piss for two days just for this moment!

Hamza Aziz