The Podcastle records today. Say stuff!

This week’s Podcastle will be significantly scream-free, because the adorable Atheistium will not be sharing our company. I know this will result in a 50% drop in listenership, but we’ll soldier on regardless.

Wardrox and I will be joined not by a guest, but by the physical manifestation of our obvious bias against Killzone 2, which has formed its own sentience and taken a human form. Also on the agenda is the banning of “extreme” porn in the UK — not quite game related, but when has that ever really stopped us? 

As always, we want your questions and comments, because it saves us the effort of thinking for ourselves. A guest appearance on the well-regarded Chuckle Brothers game show To Me To You is up for grabs!

Also, thank the madness that happens in our Podcastle forum for the above image.

Jim Sterling