The Podcastle episode 5: Legislation nation

Politics in your gaming podcasts? How did that happen? In this, the fifth installment of The Podcastle, your regular trio of Jim Sterling, Wardrox and Atheistium discuss the political situation regarding videogames in Europe. Sort of.

Actually, there is a surprising amount of (gasp) actual discussion in this episode, so if you tune into the show merely to hear the word c***, then you’ll probably be disappointed. That said, you will get to hear my new plan to open a fertility clinic in my bedroom, Atheistium divulge her secret videogame love fantasies, and the debut of RAGEDROX.

As ever, The Podcastle is available for playing or downloading on its podcast page, and hopefully we can have ourselves a slice of iTunes pie very soon. We’ll keep you posted. Also, ending song is He’s Turning Emo by the Lancashire Hotpots, and the break skit is from the TV show Spaced.

Jim Sterling