The Podcastle episode 17: Ramblecastle

You know us at the Castle of Pod — we’re not exactly known for sticking to the topic at hand. However, even we were shocked by the way we were able to go on ridiculous tangents this time around. I can’t even remember how we were able to go from The Magic Roundabout to Star Wars but we managed it!

This episode is all about random news bits and obscure rambling. Also, this week’s show comes with a special “optional” segment: One of the listeners wanted to hear stories about the first time each of us met each other offline, which spawned its own twenty minute subject. If you’re interested in hearing absurd anecdotes that involve split pants, drug overdoses and drunken references to Brian Crecente, then stick around. 

Also, here are some highlights to listen out for:

  • Wardrox is sick. Rejoice!
  • Guitar solo!
  • Who’s up for yet another Braid fap?
  • More like SCAMCO Bandai HA HA HA HA
  • Jim reads out some fan mail
  • All hail The Magic Roundabout
  • Digg went rubbish
  • New Lara Croft sparks talk of giblets
  • “Hmm, the murderer‘s story sounds plausible”
  • Vlambo — you’re keeping a dream diary
  • How did we all meet?

As always, you can stream/download the show from our official Podcastle page, crank us out on iTunes. Enjoy!

James Stephanie Sterling