The Podcastle 14: Magazines n’ sh*t

If you like listening to The Podcastle, well you’re in for a treat son, because we have Episode 14 for you right now! You usual cast of Jim Sterling, Wardrox and Atheistium are joined by returning guest Phoenix Blood to discuss all sorts of things, ranging from GTA to stolen televisions to our main topic, print media.

Also guest starring: Background noise of piano and birdsong. Epic! But for now, here’s a handy list of things to listen out for in this episode:

  • Phoenix had a few connection problems. She kindly recorded her reactions to them.
  • Beautiful Katamari is demanding and Gitaroo Man is the king of games. Also, GTA (Gobbly The Arseholes) IV talk primes us for the upcoming controversy episode.
  • Tell me … how does Motorstorm make you feel?
  • Harry Potter fans are the reason games get spoiled.
  • Solidrox? … Can’t be!
  • Wardrox manages to lose an entire HDTV in the middle of a podcast.
  • Guitar Hero and how Wardrox’s dad is his mum.
  • Edge is the best thing in the world, apparently.
  • The difference between British print media and American print media.
  • Can official mags be trusted?
  • The truth about “free” game discs.
  • PSM2 was pretty cool.
  • Magazine editors be warned: Your testes are forfeit at the next GMAs.
  • More abuse of the listeners.
  • “It’s not casual gamers I fear — it’s Ubisoft.”
  • A long discussion of EGM‘s integrity and apparently saying several nice things about Sharpless = wanting to have sex with him.

As always, you can download/stream us at the official page, or check us out on iTunes. Love to ya Niko mah bredren!

James Stephanie Sterling