The next Command and Conquer to be an MMO?

The next Command and Conquer title could be different. An online survey making the rounds suggests that Electronic Arts’ is considering putting a touch of MMO in the dated RTS. The features — as listed by the survey — include traditional experience points-laden “player progression,” new “bigger and badder” units, and five versus five “objective-based games.”

Chicks and Rick Flair were not mentioned in the survey.

There’s nothing in particular that jumps out at us in terms of establishing the survey’s legitimacy, but the feature list is quite rather pointed. There’s a mention of a new mobile base called “The Crawler” as well as “an all-new story written by a new scriptwriting team.” Interesting, if true.

EA isn’t talking about the survey, either. When Shacknews asked about the survey, they were given a beefy no comment: “We have nothing to confirm regarding the C&C franchise at this time.”

So, do you want the next C&C to be an MMO? It’s an interesting idea that we believe could give the old bird some new life. Seriously. We’ve been playing C&C forever and it feels like nothing has changed with every new iteration.

[via CVG, image]

Brad BradNicholson