The newest Gotham Knights trailer is all about Robin (Tim)

Gotham Knights Robin trailer

No not that Robin

Look, there’s a lot of Robins out there. Here’s where some of you will cue the “I grew up in the ’60s when there was just one Robin!” voice: but each Robin has had a chance to shine in various stories with strong writing at the helm. There’s more Robins even still that aren’t in Gotham Knights! And there will continue to be Robins until the end of time. Batman isn’t going anywhere, and neither are his wards. In the meantime, we have this Gotham Knights Robin trailer to watch. To be clear, it’s Tim Drake!

So to be clear, we have Dick Grayson’s Robin (who stars in Teen Titans Go, and eventually becomes Nightwing), Jason Todd’s Red Hood (who was Robin at one point in most Batman timelines), and Tim Drake: who is typically seen as the “new younger Robin” in the classic costume after Grayson bailed. WB Games Montréal is showing off Tim with a new shortish clip, which focuses on his speed, “natural intelligence,” and detective skills that “are on par with, if not better than Batman himself” in this particular universe, according to the developers. Man, I’m really anxious to see how that’s shown in-game, because the actual “detective” work of many Batman adaptations can be clumsy at best.

That said, Tim’s story probably interests me the most out of the core four. He’s arguably the most attached to Batman, and hopefully the absence of Bruce informs Tim’s personal journey throughout the game. That is, if the game is able to juggle everyone and the narrative all at once: it’s a tall order. Hey, we actually get an explanation for his teleporting powers in the trailer (it’s from Justice League tech)! It’s a start. Man, I hope those team-based combos attacks are as smooth as they look in the trailer.

Remember, when Gotham Knights comes out on October 25 of this year, it’s only on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, and will be one of the few third-party games that are exclusive to the current generation of consoles. Hopefully it’ll justify that exclusivity.

Given that this was scheduled at the same time as this morning’s Nintendo Direct Mini, I assumed maybe there was going to be a miraculous Switch news sighting: but no dice.

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