The newest addition to my office wall

What the buck? Exactly.

We get lots of things in the mail. Games, mostly. But games makers and PR companies send us all manner of things. I wasn’t exactly surprised to see a massive inflatable buck head in my mail. You know you’ve been doing this for awhile when getting inflatable buck heads in the mail seems normal.

This is a strange promotion for Super Happy Fun Fun’s Big Buck Hunter Pro, an iPhone translation of the popular arcade game. Killing deer made pocket-sized. Good times.

But rather than be that games journo that scoffs at something like this, I thought I’d put it to good use. While others that got this left it in its neatly folded deflated state, I blew lungs full of hot air into the buck head, and then proceeded to mount it on my office wall…after scaring the sh*t out of my dogs, of course.

This buck head is now a permanent fixture of my office. It will forever overlook my workspace, watching on as I play games and then write about them. Watching on as I blog about games news and and releases. Super Happy Fun Fun, know that your promotional dollars have been put to good use here. I think we’ll become good friends, this buck and I.

What should I name this mother bucker?


Dale North