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The new Mass Effect, Titanfall, and Battlefield games will be released by March 2017


Announcing... Mass Titanfield!

Looks like EA is in for a busy year, because we’re getting the new Mass Effect, Titanfall, and Battlefield games sooner than you might’ve thought.

According to EA’s Q3 financial report, the company is planning to release a new, as-of-yet untitled DICE-developed Battlefield game by the holidays. Considering last year we saw the release of Visceral Games' Hardline, I bet this one will be Battlefield 5, the next proper, numbered entry in the series.

They’re also planning to have Mass Effect: Andromeda and the follow-up to Titanfall out by the end of the 2017 fiscal year. That means we could be seeing them as early as October, or as late as March 2017, assuming they’re not delayed at all.

Seeing as EA is going to be pulling a Nintendo and hosting its own event separate from E3 this year, are these the games they’re getting ready to show off?

Titanfall, Mass Effect Return Sometime Between October 2016 And March 2017 [Game Informer]

Titanfall, Mass Effect Return Sometime Between October 2016 And March 2017

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