The music of God of War II

While so many things stood out in the original God of War, the one thing that will haunt me forever (besides ripping the wings off of harpies), is Winifred Phillips’s epic soundtrack. The main titles became the soundtrack to my life.

Upon seeing my total savings upon checkout at my local grocery store, I’d hear the melody swell in my head. When I got married last June, I fought long and hard to have the band play the theme as I walked down the aisle (we went with Slayer’s “Angel of Death” instead).

So I have high hopes for the music of God of War II. I recently stumbled across a track listing that reveals minor spoilers and hits upon some major plot points (track 6, OMFG). Lets hope that the the last track, “Junkie XL Colossus Remix,” is an actual remix and not an indicator that the game’s final battle is against a Colossus being controlled by the electronic musician.

Hit the jump for the full track listing.

  1. 1. God of War II – Main Titles
  2. 2. The Glory of Sparta
  3. 3. The Way of the Gods
  4. 4. Colossus of Rhodes
  5. 5. The Bathhouse
  6. 6. Death of Kratos
  7. 7. The End Begins
  8. 8. Typhoon Mountain
  9. 9. Waking the Sleeping Giant
  10. 10. Battle for the Skies
  11. 11. Exploring the Isle
  12. 12. The Isle of Creation
  13. 13. The Summit of Sacrifice
  14. 14. An Audience with Cronos
  15. 15. The Barbarian king Returns
  16. 16. Bog of Lost Souls
  17. 17. Battle in the Bog
  18. 18. Crossing the Lowlands.
  19. 19. Atlas.
  20. 20. Palace of the Fates
  21. 21. Pheonix Rising
  22. 22. Ashen Spire
  23. 23. Athena
  24. 24. The Battle for Olypmpus.
  25. 25. Blood of Destiny
  26. 26. Junkie XL Colosuss Remix
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