The Mega Man cartoon that should have been

Did you know that the Mega Man cartoon was the #1 rated weekly syndicated children’s show at one point? Yep, that was me. I was in a “Nielsen family” at the time, and I rated the crap out of that show, even though I didn’t really like it. It was like my best friend had gotten on an awful reality show. I didn’t like it, but had to tell him I liked it, just to make him feel better.

Little did I know that there was a way better looking Mega Man show that I could have been watching, had Ruby Spears and Capcom decided to make it. I’d upload the video for you, but I’m sure Capcom would have it taken down immediately. Instead, I’ll just ask you to watch it here. It’s follows the style of the first six games perfectly, utilizing some really nice pacing, animation, and camera angles. It’s better than any other Mega Man cartoon I’ve seen, and that includes that weird educational OAV and any of the cut scenes from the games.

The voice over is pretty awesome too. My favorite bit is when the guy yells “breeeeeeeeak out hit with BOYS!” It’s just fun to hear a man sound really professionally excited about boys. It’s also cute how they brag about how “Capcom, the premiere supplier of interactive cartridges today” has sold over “2.5 million cartridges” over the course of the entire Mega Man series. If a developer today produced five games in a series, and only sold 2.5 million units between all five of them, they might not be so happy about it.

So yeah, that’s the Mega Man cartoon that could have been. It’s shame it never happened. I blame the cops.

Original Mega Man Cartoon Pitch Unearthed [Rockman Corner]

Jonathan Holmes
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