The Maw getting ‘deleted scenes’ downloadable content

Developer Twisted Pixel has revealed to Kotaku plans to release a handful of downloadable content for their Xbox LIVE Arcade game, The Maw.

The new levels are to be considered “deleted” scenes, taking place between the levels that already appear in the game. “Bruce Force” takes place between level two and three; “River Redirect” takes place after the sixth level; and “The Speeder Lane” after the seventh level. Each new bit of story will cost 100 MS Points, and will come with its own achievement. 

There’s currently no release date for the content, although it’ll be spread out, so don’t expect the three levels to get dumped on you all at once. The Maw, while a great game, is relatively short; it’s unclear why this content was originally included in the game. I’ll be chatting with Twisted Pixel later in the week, and I’ll be sure to prod them for more info on the upcoming content.

Nick Chester