The Maw ‘Brute Force’ DLC hits this Wednesday

Twisted Pixel has revealed that its first bit of downloadable content for their Xbox LIVE Arcade game, The Maw, will hit this Wednesday. Called “Brute Force,” the 100 MS Point level features new puzzles,characters, cinematics, and more.

While many of you were up and arms over new content coming so soon after the game’s release, in a recent Destructoid Community interview, Twisted Pixel defended their position. 

We never made these levels and then held them back intentially to make “more money” or something like that,” said Twisted Pixel’s Josh Baer. “We made the game we intended to make.  The DLC levels are a bonus for people who would like to experience more of what our game is about.”

For those of you who dug what The Maw had to offer, a little more than a buck couldn’t hurt your wallet too much. But “Brute Force”? Am I the only one reminded of the ill-fated third-person action game for the original Xbox? Lizard Man anyone? 

Nick Chester