The martial art of Splinter Cell: Conviction

One of my biggest concerns with Splinter Cell: Conviction is that it will be too much like prior installments, even though the goal seems to be making a brand new type of Splinter Cell game, or at the very least, an all-new Sam Fisher.

I realize such sentiment will anger fans of the series, but as a non-fan of the franchise, it’s how I honestly feel. The closer we can get to Batman: Arkham Asylum in terms of combat — probably the only stealth I’ve ever truly enjoyed — the better.

In this behind-the-scenes video, we get to hear about how Sam is now faster, and more brutal when dealing with enemies. Since he’s no longer taking orders from anyone, these changes had to be made. To me, it sounds like Ubisoft Montreal made the right choice in that regard.

If all else fails, you need to watch the video to hear scripted events director Sean Stanek say “Shit man, that’s Sam Fisher in that booth!”

Jordan Devore
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