The Last of Us Remake could be launching as soon as late 2022

Rumored Remake Release Rumors

While developer Naughty Dog is yet to even officially confirm rumors of a remake of its magnum opus, The Last of Us, it seems that whispers in the wind are already pointing to the possibility that the revamped survival horror title will come crawling onto modern platforms as soon as 2022.

At least that’s the world according to GamesBeat reporter and known spoiler Jeff Grubb, who suggested as such on the latest episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast. Citing his own sources, Grubb noted that he was “pretty confident” that a Last of Us remake is already pushing completion, and is likely to launch in the 2022 holiday season. It’s well worth noting that Grubb’s estimation matches that of fellow leak machine Tom Henderson, who has also previously speculated a Holiday 2022 launch on the PS5 platform.

First inklings of a remake of Naughty Dog’s highly acclaimed 2013 adventure surfaced in April 2021, following a consolidation of studios within Sony’s gaming division. It is believed that Sony pulled its San Diego-based “Visual Art Service Group” team off of the project, which led to unrest among its members, some of which referenced The Last of Us remake in a report to Bloomberg.

Around the same time, Sony Bend — who had reportedly begun work on a Days Gone sequel — was pulled off of the project in order to further assist Naughty Dog with its other major IP, Uncharted. These incidents led to a period of turmoil for many working within Sony’s gaming division who felt that they were being pushed away from their own projects and ideas to essentially assist in the development of “cash cows.”

In addition to the rumored remake, Naughty Dog is also currently developing the multiplayer component of The Last of Us Part II, and is assisting in the production of HBO’s TV adaptation.

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