Leaked gameplay footage from The Last of Us Part I surfaces online

last of us part i leak video gameplay

Sneaky peek at Joel & Ellie’s return

Footage has surfaced online that appears to have been captured from Naughty Dog’s remake, The Last of Us Part I. The video was first brought to light by XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who claims to have received the leaked footage of the unreleased title from one of their sources.

The three clips, running a total of around six minutes in length, give us a look at world-weary protagonists Joel and Ellie as they pick their way through the decay of Boston in the terrifying aftermath of a mutant infestation, born out of the disgusting “Cordyceps” fungus. The videos highlight gameplay from the highly anticipated remake, as the duo engage in some stealth action, some brutal gunplay, and take time out for a spot of crafting at one of Joel’s trusty workbenches.

Baker notes the “washed out” look is likely due to capture quality, rather than the game itself.

In addition to the footage, Baker also shared some info pertaining to the remake’s controller layout as well as its two performance modes. According to Baker, “Fidelity” mode will see The Last of Us Part I run at 4K resolution with a targeted framerate of 40FPS, while “Performance” mode support 60FPS gameplay at a dynamic, variable resolution. Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is also supported for those of you with fancy-dancy display units. A litany of accessibility options is also featured in the upcoming release.

One of the leakest franchises in gaming, these aren’t the first screenshots and clips to drop from The Last of Us Part I. Much like 2020’s The Last of Us Part II, it seems difficult for Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment to keep a lid on these releases. Still, as the second major rerelease of the 2013 hit, we’re hardly going to be left “spoiled” by anything we see here. The remake is looking good, no doubt about it, and anybody who is gagging to play through the iconic adventure once again is unlikely to be disappointed come launch day.

The Last of Us Part I launches on PS5 September 1. A PC edition is also in the works.

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