‘The Last Hope’ from Squeenix: what is it?

Square Enix’s newest trademark, filed May 2nd, is named “The Last Hope.” But what is it? I don’t think we’ve heard that name before.

Siliconera has a guess, though I don’t know if see eye-to-eye with Spencer on this one. They think it may be the name for a localized Nanashi no Game (Nameless Game), a horror DS title about a cursed RPG. It would be great to see an English-language version of this title, but the names don’t seen to match up.

I think it’s something else completely. Siliconera’s readers have begun guessing in the post’s comments, and I like some of the possibilities there. So far, I like Torneko: The Last Hope and a possible renaming of The Last Remnant. Of course, you could think of reasons why these don’t fit either. It could just be a protective trademark, but what fun would that be?

What’s for certain is that the name sucks! Isn’t it too similar to “Final Fantasy” as far as meanings go?

What do you think “The Last Hope” is? 

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