The Last Guardian team aims for realism

Realism? How realistic can a monstrously huge dog-bird fantasy beast be? The most real thing to come out of this upcoming game was how I teared up like a little bitch in front of my peers and friends when the trailer was unveiled last year at E3.

That’s not what they mean, though. Game director Fumito Ueda told Famitsu a bit about the work that’s going into The Last Guardian, and he focused on how his team is pushing towards realism. He says that the game’s physics engine is key, and will facilitate a feeling of actual existence for the game’s central creature. Ueda also said that the engine was tied to the main character’s movements, allowing for in-depth control. They intend to use the increased power of the PS3 for full expression.

In fact, the realistic direction of the game is the only thing he mentioned. Ueda is still undecided on a release date, asking fans to “wait a bit longer.” He has his biggest team ever, bigger than the ones working on ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, pushing forward. We hope to hear more later this year.

Fumito Ueda Discusses Last Guardian [Andria Sang]

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