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The key villains of The Amazing Spider-Man


So, I'm not liking what I've seen of The Amazing Spider-Man film. On the other hand, the game appears to be coming along perfectly. With a combat system inspired by the Rocksteady Batman games, an open-world setup similar to Spider-Man 2, and amazing visuals, this might just be the best Spider-Man game yet. Beenox just have to get the villains right.

This is one of the things I can't stand from the previews I've seen of the upcoming film. The Lizard looks... off. I really don't like their re-imagining of him. Mainly because he's not running around in his trademark lab coat and purple pants. Being a tie-in game, the same applies here. Oh well, at least Scorpion and Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) look great. I've honestly never heard of Vermin though. Should I have? You can have a see for yourself in the gallery below.

The Amazing Spider-Man will hit shelves on June 26th for every platform ever. Probably not for the N-Gage though. Sorry N-Gage loyalists.

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