The intro sequence to The Darkness is pretty darn awesome

Now this is one satisfying opening segment. I was only mildly interested in this game (another shooter *yawn*), but now, if everything turns out to be as memorable and just plain cool as this intro, The Darkness is one game I will definitely have to buy.

I wasn’t sure exactly how much of this was actual gameplay (I am guessing control starts once the main character gets in the front seat), but I loved watching every second. It was exciting, ridiculously action packed, and the first-person perspective was the perfect device to warrant that continuous, four minute long shot that would even make Alfonso Cuarón shed a tear. Metal Gear Solid final showdown similarities aside, I think it’s nice to know that even generic looking games can utilize some pretty creative techniques to make them more interesting and unique. Hopefully the rest of the game is just as clever.

What do you think? Were you as pleasantly surprised as I was?

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