The Internet loves Mega Man 2

After being awash in next-gen buffoonery day after day as part of my responsibilities as a Big Important Internet Guy, it’s nice to settle in with a nice pile of classic games and return to a time when men were men and two dimensions reigned supreme. 1UP’s Retronauts: Bonus Stage is an integral part of this escapist routine, especially this episode in which Jeremy “Deathgraw McSlaughter” Parish and crew discuss the Mega Man series, which eventually degenerates into a discussion almost solely about how awesome Mega Man 2 is.

(Fun fact: Mega Man 2 is the best game in the smattering of MM games that Capcom has pumped out since the original’s inception. This has been proven, you know, scientifically, with beakers and weights and whatnot. It is, as I have mentioned, a fact. A fun one.) 

So hit play on that there video player and delight in a return to yesteryear — the Retronauts crew really knows their business and tend to be a pretty good listen besides. Bonus: it’s the only time you’re ever bound to hear “arthritic midget” in reference to the Blue Bomber, unless you’re speaking with the Rev. Anthony who calls everybody an arthritic midget.

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