The Great Retro Quiz! .28: Aladdin


In your honest opinion, which is more embarrassing? The fact that I know every single lyric to every single song in Aladdin or the fact that I owned (and wore, mind you) a t-shirt in high school with a picture of the genie on it that said “You Rubbed?” And, yes, I said high school.

The t-shirt? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

This week’s Great Retro Quiz! is a little different. Instead of focusing on one game, this week’s quiz is all about two: Aladdin for both the Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The first half is about the Genesis version; the latter half focuses on the SNES. Which version do you know better? Are you the master of both? Take the quiz to find out!

Like always, just leave your answers in the comments and check my community blog tomorrow (4/17) to see how many you got right.

I have also added a teensy tiny new feature, starting this week. At the end of each quiz will be one “humble opinion” question. In no way does it count towards your score -- heck, you don’t even have to answer it at all. It is just a way to spark some friendly debate and discussion in the comments (and satiate my compulsive curiosity). Have fun and ... good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .28
: Aladdin
Number of questions: 25
Difficulty: Normal

1. Who produced Aladdin for the Genesis?
a. Capcom
b. Konami
c. Virgin Interactive
d. Ubisoft

Control scheme alert! Match the action with the button that performs it:

2. Jump
3. Purchase items
4. Slash sword
5. Throw fruit

6. The below song is featured in what level?

a. Agrabah Market
b. Agrabah Rooftops
c. Sultan’s Dungeon
d. The Escape

7. What kind of fruit can Aladdin throw at enemies in both versions of the game?

8. Four items sit before you. Only one will clear the screen of all enemies. Which one is it?
a. A black lamp
b. A golden scarab
c. A genie token
d. A flute

9. While visiting the zoo, you decide to jump on top of an animal and use it as a platform to cross the water (just as Aladdin does in the Sultan’s Palace). What animal did you just stomp on?

10. Oh no! Aladdin is about to die! What does his lamp look like?

11. How detailed (and slightly perverted) is your memory? What kind of pattern adorns the guards’ underwear?
a. Stripes
b. Plaid
c. Polka dots
d. No pattern at all

12. Who published Aladdin for the Super Nintendo?
a. Capcom
b. Konami
c. Virgin Interactive
d. Ubisoft

Control scheme alert! Match the action with the button that performs it:

13. Glide
14. Jump
15. Run faster
16. Throw fruit

17. What item needs to be collected to activate the genie bonus stage at the end of every level?
a. A magic carpet
b. A lamp
c. A red diamond
d. A golden scarab

18. The magic lamp containing the genie can be found in what mystical cave?
a. Cave of Secrets
b. Cave of Mystery
c. Cave of Riches
d. Cave of Wonders

19. What character is not featured at all in the amazing “A Whole New World” stage?

20. Which of these real-life athletes would possess the skills most advantageous for the battle with Jafar’s first form?
a. Derek Jeter
b. Michael Phelps
c. Kerri Strug
d. Wayne Gretzky

21. A shady desert merchant wants to offer you one of two colored diamonds from the game, no questions asked. The only catch is, the one worth less will instantly turn you to stone upon touching it. Which jewel do you grab?

Which version of Aladdin do the following sequences appear in?

22. Aladdin fights a snake with a sword
23. Aladdin outruns a wave of lava on a magic carpet
24. Abu dodges pots and boulders in a bonus stage
25. Aladdin battles Jafar in his final genie form


In your humble opinion ...
Which version of Aladdin do you like better? The Genesis version or the SNES version?

*Remember, this question does not count towards your final score. It’s just an opinion!

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