The Dtoid community's E3 2014 predictions: Nintendo


Nintendo: Still not doomed

Last week, we asked you daffy Dtoiders to predict what you think will happen at each of the major press conferences going into E3. We've already rounded up your thoughts on Microsoft and Sony, now here are your predictions for Nintendo!

Tim Mazzola:

Announcement predictions: new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U, Majora's Mask remake for 3DS, new 3DS game (this is certain, due to the 90 minute developer panel on "an unannounced 3DS title), Miyamoto's new IP (this may be the unannounced 3DS game, or something else), and a Wii U game using NFC.

New news on previously announced games predictions: New Smash Bros. character (or characters?) among other Smash Bros. news (probably more news at the developer panel), Hyrule Warriors, and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (probably an actual trailer for this).

I'd also like to see more news on Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and X, but those aren't as certain as the other things listed above. We'll probably get some stuff for at least some of these games, though.


Wii Music 2 U.

Klay Fuller:

All I really want is a release date for Bayonetta 2 and MonolithSoft's X. Give me those two things and I'll fork over the cash for a Wii U right then and there.


Mercedes mount in Zelda U.

I wanna ride that S-class coupe all the way to Ganondorf yo!


A rainbow colored Yoshi to further apologize for not allowing same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life.


Since they're showing a GameCube controller adapter: GameCube games on the Virtual Console/eShop. A Nintendo Skylanders clone using the NFC feature of the gamepad. Nintendoland 2, and a sneak peak at the new Zelda game followed by an apology by Iwata that it won't be coming until next year to make sure it is great.

Mr 3man:

Dance Dance Revolution: Zelda Mix, the hit sequel everyone secretly wanted.

Salvador Sandoval:

Wii U:

  • Zelda U oficial title and release window, most likely 2015 since they are struggling with the HD
  • SMT x Fire Emblem release window and trailer
  • X release date
  • Brand new IP that rocks the Gamepad, a D&D style game co-developed by Intelligent Systems. That or Batallion Wars
  • One of these: New Metroid, New Star Fox, or New F-Zero, my money is on a new Star Fox by Next Level Games for 2015
  • Info on Yarn Yoshi
  • Retro's new project, most likely not Metroid
  • DLC for Mario Kart 8, most likely another 16 retro tracks
  • A new game that uses the NFC feature


  • A new free-to-play game for the Mii Plaza
  • Majora's Mask 3D
  • New Advance Wars
  • Super Mario RPG 2 co-developed by Square Enix
  • New Kingdom Hearts (or a remake, who knows)
  • New Super Mario Bros. 3, with Wario and Waluigi playable


A new Ice Climbers for Wii U. Featuring Tomb Raider/Uncharted-style climbing/puzzle-platforming mechanics, two-player drop-in-drop-out co-op (local and online) and single player switching between both characters, a huge Dark Souls-style seamlessly interwoven world with Metroidvania elements to the structure, many mostly-optional Zelda-style items/tools/weapons with often overlapping uses built both for finding the hundreds of well placed secrets and for discovering all sorts of sequence-breaking speedrun tricks. [Oh. My. God. -Andy]


I'd like a new Metroid (2D and 3D), Rhythm Heaven 3D, Excitebots U, Battalion Wars U, a new Paper Mario game for Wii U that plays like the first two games, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD [OMG yes. -Andy], Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 HD, Harmoknight 2, Sakurai Samurai 2, a digital import release of the original Rhythm Heaven for Virtual Console, a new Wii U game developed by Platinum, some footage of the new Zelda, Nintendo announcing they're going to publish Level 5's Yokai Watch outside of Japan.

Those are just things I'd like to happen though, what will probably happen is a lot of footage of games we already knew about, a few expected sequels and a couple of surprises no one was expecting.

Jonathan Holmes:

Fatal Frame, Metroid, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing Wii U for next year, Metroid, Punch-Out, WarioWare for 3DS next year, short video of Zelda Wii U, Fire Emblem X SMT video, bunch of other stuff.


I hope to see a lot of character confirmations for SSB4, as well as a few newcomers. Returning characters I would like to see: Captain Falcon (no way that we won't see him), Ness, Meta Knight, Game and Watch, and Wario. Newcomers that are plausible: Chrom, Palutena, and Shulk. Alternate skins: Wolf and Falco for Fox, and Lucina for Marth. If we got five character confirmations in the Nintendo Direct in May, I have a hard time seeing anything less than that at E3.


What I'd hope for would be a better Account System, cross-purchases for Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console. GC/Wii Virtual Console Games (on Wii U), all other VC Systems on both 3DS and Wii U, VC Subscription with X amount of games every month for free. [A man can dream! -Andy]


I predict (hope) a new Star Fox by Platinum Games.


I call that Golden Sun for the 3DS will be announced... I hope!


Metroid. We need a new goddamn Metroid. Not a prediction, but a hope.


I would love this to be the E3 that Nintendo purchases the Mega Man IP.

Never gonna stop daring to dream.


I predict a combination of hope and disappointment.


"Please Understand"


Amazing things.




My prediction is that they'll fuck it up, even if they give a launch day for an amazing new Zelda, they'll find a way to mess everything up. But I do think it's best to be negative as possible so that they don't disappoint me anymore.


Pure mindblowing happiness on a unicorn. With a glass of champagne.


I predict sheer and majestic balls breaking disappointment. [My god you people are all over the place. -Andy]


I predict Nintendo still strap their hardware to women again. What is up with that anyway?


Shigeru Miyamoto calmly walks out on stage and then pulls out his fist and slowly opens it. Cameras all pan in to see a tiny Majora's Mask. He places it on a Wii U gamepad and a channel immediately straight boots to Majora's Mask HD remake.

Cues to the MM HD remake trailer showing new content and any sound is blotted out by the roar of fans going nuts. Some people are crying. Curtains part to reveal Hyrule Orchestra pumping Zelda's theme.

Then Shigeru talks into the mike and says, "Available in stores now" as he reaches into his pockets, grabs handfuls of these Majora tokens and throws them into a renewed screaming crowd.


I think Reggie is going to come out and tell everyone he took acid that morning, then starts to take his clothes off. Iwata rushes the stage only to be met with Reggie holding his fist in the air. He claims to have the Triforce of Power. Iwata laughs, raising his own hand, vowing to protect his own Triforce of Wisdom. Then they make out. [Leave it to Guest to say what we were all thinking. -Andy]


Andy, I'll tell you my predictions if you tell me yours, deal?


Deal! All I really want (aside from the obvious: more awesome first-party Nintendo games) is a new first-person shooter for the Wii U. I've grown to love the gamepad over the last year-and-a-half, but all we've really had to enjoy it with outside of ZombiU is the occasional CoD port. (No really; that's it.)

I want something new and meaty to play on the only next-gen console I currently own. Make it happen, Nintendo!


Thanks to everyone who shared their predictions! Stay tuned as we recap your third party predictions later today!

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