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So March has come and gone and, to be honest, it was a very sexy March. It was the kind of month that, for an RPG gamer like me, at least, starts to lose the will to resist buying a current-gen console. With Persona 5, Illusory Revelations, (SMTxFE) and Xenoblade Chronicles X on the horizon and Bloodborne sitting pretty next to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, I'm starting to have a hard time saying "no" now. Knowing The Witcher III and Metal Gear Solid V loom in the distance as well, along with Zelda Wii U, just makes it all the more compelling. 

Then you have 3DS still kicking ass and taking names. More Etrian Odyssey this year, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Majora's Mask, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Devil Survivor 2 Break Record, and we were just teased again with Fire Emblem If. Nintendo is giving a lot of love to Fire Emblem this gen and I, for one, will not complain about that. The attention is long overdue. As much as I like Advance Wars, it lacks that sense of high stakes that Fire Emblem has and I'd take FE over AW any day for that reason alone. You screw up, people die in FE; you screw up in AW and, oh well, you can just buy a new unit. 

With Bloodborne's arrival we see, once again, those people that have to be THOSE people about a From Software game, from the "git gud" crowd to the "It's not for everyone" folks and the "OMG artificial difficulty" ones as well.

I'm from the "It's not for everyone" faction, minus the sneering elitism. I find the games From Software designs -- particularly those of the Souls series and now Bloodborne -- produce reactions that are only going to be familiar to those who grew up without the internet (or still do) in our games, mostly back to the 8-bit and 16-bit era where the only ways to disseminate information about those games was through friends or magazines, through aggregating findings over a school lunchroom table and sharing maps or notes scribbled on graph paper. This was part of how we made our way through games like Metroid or The Legend of Zelda

That and you always had that friend who lied to you about some of the secrets hidden in the game. Still, getting information this way was the only way you'd even find out that you could electrocute Dragon using the grapple beam in Super Metroid in 1994, outside of a magazine.

Through a very specific design -- which includes chopping up the story and spreading it all over the world for you to find, shutting off voice chat, and leaving hints or lies for others to find -- From Software recreates this very '80s to early '90s console gaming experience within the worlds of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I'm isolated from gathering information as I would in other games, forced to talk to other people out of these games and possibly trade notes. Granted, this can be done online now, but even so it's kind of exciting and a world apart from other big games. People get to have part of the '80s and '90s experience again and this time it's not just all about retro graphics.

Not everyone is going to understand that if they grew up having internet all the time and feel naked without it -- but for those of us that grew up without access or are still out out in the boonies where 56k is still the best it gets, this does bring back memories of those times and it plays its own role behind the hype you see for the game. That's where my "not for everyone" thing comes from. 

I'm also totally trying to bait you into doing the new Band of Bloggers theme for April, by the way. It's about From Software games! 

Let's recap March!

- Pixielated 

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Wizardofradical has a brother in prison. Through writing to each other about games, they're able to look past their differences and bond again. Wizard is also a part-time cyberpunk bartender at VA-11 HALL-A, All-Father be praised.

Zer0tonin recaps his 2014 gaming experienceZalno totally has a legit leak from a friend that works at Nintendo and that is all the topsauce from March!

 - The Cblog Recap Team

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