The drought is ov… Oh screw it, Gamecock publishing for Wii and DS

Destructoid has been keeping a hopeful eye on new publisher Gamecock ever since our own Mr. D bonded with their giant chicken over a brief moment of shared violence at CES. While the ensuing moment of robot-on-fowl aggression was a confrontation of Godzilla vs. Mothra proportions which shook Vegas to its very core, both warriors walked away from it with a newfound respect for each other.

Our expectations of their output have been steadily simmering since then, their increasingly punk independent spirit making us very hopeful that their promise of “promoting the artists and bringing original games into this bloated and originality-starved industry” will provide us with a serious antithesis to the EAs of the world. After all, these are the men who happily flicked up a middle finger to E3 and announced their own independent expo running over the same dates a short while ago. We happen to appreciate that sort of thing. 

It seems it may not be long before we get a better idea of what they’ve got in store. While we’ve had very little information other than basic concepts and production art since they announced their current line-up in February, word has just arrived that Red Fly Studio’s Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars will be a dual format release for Wii and DS. Gamecock’s Rick Stults had this to say: 

From the minute we signed Mushroom Men, we’ve worked to bring it to the Wii and DS.  Both platforms are going to give Mushroom Men a life of their own as [developer] Red Fly Studio is building unique stories specific to each system.

We still have no real genre details or anything in the way of a release date, but this has to be good news in itself. The format announcement hopefully means that more detailed information is going to start dripping through soon, and let’s face it, a publisher with Gamecock’s manifesto sounding so enthusiastic about Nintendo’s machines has got to be a pretty damn exciting prospect for owners. It definitely is for this one.

More information as we get it. In the meantime, check out the Tim Burton-meets-Earthworm Jim-in-fungus-Hell stylings of Mushroom Men at Gamecock’s site

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