The Darkness II: Balls-out action and demonic piss

A few extra details for The Darkness II have made their way online, courtesy of GAMEStm magazine. 

Darkness II is set to tell a more emotional tale than the previous games, with Digital Extremes promising a “well-rounded” personality for Jackie that shows his sensitive side as well as his demon-tentacled, sociopathic side. Digital Extremes says it has learned lessons from creating Dark Sector and BioShock 2‘s multiplayer mode, and hopes to give fans something that lives up to Starbreeze’s work on the original Darkness.

“Balls-out action” has been pledged as well, with a lot more inspiration being drawn from the original TopCow comic book series. Writer Paul Jenkins is returning to craft a complex story with many more elements of black humor. 

As far as gameplay goes, little has been detailed, but we now know that the Darklings are returning and have gained the ability to urinate acid. I cannot think of a single situation in which that ability would not be useful. Jackie’s Demon Arm is getting an upgrade too, as players will be able to rip out lamp posts for weaponry, pull car doors off for armor, and cut through scenery like a hot knife through butter. Finally, the “light hunting” gimmick from the first game is being “refined.” 

Sounds good, I’ll take it!

Darkness 2 details: ‘Emotional’ story, demon urine [CVG]

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