The Daily Hotness: Zero

Something about characters with swords is always more appealing to me then heroes with guns. I just love slicing and dicing. Zero is truly a badass.

Luc Bernard and Alex Neuse reviewed Runner, we reviewed Wallace and Gromit: The Last Resort, I checked out The Conduit’s multiplayer, DJ Hero’s turntable controller was revealed and plenty more happened on 05/07/09.

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Luc Bernard and Alex Neuse take on “Runner”


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Wallace and Gromit: The Last Resort

The Conduit’s multiplayer

Critique a notebook design, win The Beatles: Rock Band
Reminder: only a few days left in the Space Inavders contest

Hope you like ‘Band’ games, Activision has five for 2009
Scratch this: DJ Hero turntable controller revealed
We wonder if Punch-Out!!’s Piston Hondo is related to Piston Honda
D3 announces Astro Boy: The Video Game
EA lost over 1 billion dollars last year, yet still kickin’
PopCap brings Bejeweled Twist to mobile phones
Sega announces new Yakuza project
Apple whores: EA is making 30 games for the iPhone
Zelda: Spirit Tracks will appeal to a ‘wider age group’
Disney Sing It can Disney SUCK it!
Need a tower defense on the cheap? Defense Grid is on sale
Not in Canada? Use magic to get into 1 vs. 100 LIVE beta
GameTap partners with Microsoft Games
Entire Guitar Hero Smash Hits set list rocks faces
Nintendo ranks as one of the most reputable companies
Rise from your grave, Mythos
Qore subscribers to receive Uncharted 2 beta invites
Mad Catz Xbox 360 TE: FightStick bundle available (Update)
‘Broken Steel’ works just fine now
ZEN Pinball hits PSN May 14, ball smacking confirmed
‘Halo Uprising’ going hardcover
Pokemaniacs rejoice: Pokemon Gold/Silver remakes confirmed

Famimagination: Famicom art exhibit, lazy sloths and more
Sonic is going first class, up in the sky, in this hot remix
Make ’em hard! Nipple-flicking Nintendo DS boob minigame

Bionic Commando: demo hack and multiplayer video
DiRT 2 finally shown in action during a studio tour
Vaporize bad dudes with the Particle Cannon in Wolfenstein
Death Road has roads, possibly death

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