The Daily Hotness: Your drill will pierce Rapture

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Our review for BioShock 2 went up today. It’s a great game, but doesn’t quite live up to the original. Read our review to see why the game got the score that it did!

We talked to 2K about BioShock, David Cage talks to us about creating mature games, Holmes continues his bosses of No More Heroes 2 feature, you still have some time to win some Dante’s Inferno prizes, Dragon Age sequel is in the works and more happened on 02/08/10.

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Community blogs of 02/08/10
Forum of the day: One handed gaming

BioShock 2

Show us your gangster side and win Mafia II pin-up calendars
Win Dante’s Inferno prizes by indulging in a sin!

Nobuo Uematsu is coming to Anime Boston


Nintendo DLC: Blaster Master, Tomena Sanner, Fieldrunners
White PS3 controller coming soon
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars announced
Shocker: Miyamoto making a MotionPlus games
THQ reveals first UFC Undisputed 2010 details
Dante’s Inferno not coming to Middle East (legally)
Molyneux: Fable III reveal will get you ‘super pissed’
Dood, Nippon Ichi isn’t looking too hot
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing demo out now
Play the winners of TIGSource’s Assemblee compo
Something ‘far-reaching from Mass Effect’ coming FY2011
EA has two console Need for Speed titles in the works
Aliens vs. Predator demo downloaded 14,000 times on XBL
EA reveals release info for Dead Space 2, next Dragon Age, and more
Surprise: Dragon Age: Origins sold well
All EA fiscal 2011 titles ‘will have an online component’
Free Mass Effect 2 DLC: Cerberus armor and a shotgun
EA fiscal report points to NCAA Basketball cancellation
Madden heading to Facebook
Max & the Magic Marker coming to NA WiiWare in March
Holy (foot)balls: FIFA 10 has racked up 9.7 million sales

Mega64: Say no to blue alien sex censorship

Rise of the Triad getting ported to the iPhone this year
Meet a zombie T-Rex in Age of Zombies
A look at Supreme Commander 2’s ‘Bomb Bouncer’ in action
Stinky socks are no match for THQ’s All Star Karate
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Here’s what Need for Speed SHIFT’s Ferrari DLC looks like
Here is some Rocket Knight artwork for you

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