The Daily Hotness: Xiao Xiao!

Anthony featured Xiao Xiao today on his Games Time Forgot series. That series was one of the first things I got obsessed with, as I just joined the Internets at the time. Ah, the good old days!

There are over 20 million PSN accounts, Japan gets three new DSi color options, Prince of Persia’s DLC gets delayed, the SSFIITHDR designer has beef with Street Fighter IV and plenty more happened on 02/25/09.

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Community Blogs of 02/25/09
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Halo Wars
Emerald City Confidential

The Oregon Trail (iPhone)
Resistance: Retribution’s multiplayer

Nintendo still pissed about piracy, asks US Trade Representative for help
Sony: 20 million PlayStation Network accounts registered worldwide
Quake 3 for XBLA is ‘very close’ [Update]
Lost Planet 2 being ‘developed for the Xbox 360’
HD Remix designer has beef with Street Fighter IV
50 Cent to make Saints Row movie?
Japan gets three new DSi color options, rubs it in our face
Worms Armageddon Decade planned for XBLA, according to the OFLC
Final Fantasy XIII: we’re still good for 2009, hour-long demo in movie
Dave Perry’s Twitter is dropping PSP 2 hints [Update]
Janco Partners analyst says PS3 price cut announcement is coming
Famicom-style controller for your Wii: cool or not?
Aliens RPG thrown on the scrapheap, according to designer’s resume
Microsoft bans lesbian from Xbox Live, starts rounding up Jews
Braid is coming to Steam, still the best indie game in the history of ever
Prince of Persia ‘Epilogue’ DLC delayed
Resistance: Retribution’s PSP Plus mode won’t extend to multiplayer

Check out this sexiness: a figure of Teddie from Persona 4!
Yakuza 3 marketing continues with booze

Dead to Rights getting PS3, 360 treatment with Dead to Rights: Retribution
Capcom ups the ante with these Lost Planet 2 screens
Blood of Bahamut screens feature a Colossus-looking wolf thing
Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central DLC gets March 12 release date

11-year-old really excited about announcement of Bakugan game
First video from sickeningly cute Mr. Driller World
The making of Killzone 2, part 2: Also, Jimpressions of the game!
Ubisoft teases Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood with a trailer and screens

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