The Daily Hotness: Would you kindry?

In case you missed, be sure to check out the awesome BioShock 2 concept artwork was posted early this morning. 

Michael Pachter took on our E3 psychic, Infogrames becomes Atari, there’s a brand new HAWP shirt out, Kojima is a giant tease, rape based games aren’t banned in Japan, No More Heroes 2 looks hot and plenty more happened on 05/29/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Destructoid interview: Breath of Fire II translator Ryusui
Would you kindry check out this new HAWP shirt?
Indie Nation 63: Dear Esther
Fanboy Friday: Commercial Tool edition
E3 09: Psychic analysis with Michael Pachter
Friday Night Fights: Land of confusion edition
Art Attack Friday: Persona

E3 09 News:
Lionhead preparing to give a ‘big presentation’
Square Enix’s Front Mission Evolved confirmed
Destructoid KarE3oke party: We’re overbooked, come early
Eidos shows off their show lineup
XSEED has a great line-up this year
Tricia Helfer doing voice work in Halo: ODST
The U.S. 1 vs 100 beta will be playable next week

E3 09 Media:
Just Cause 2 looks awfully familiar in this video
DJ Hero seems to be bananas by all accounts
New Need For Speed SHIFT trailer debuts
Lost Planet 2 is looking good
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has superheroes in it
Brutal Legend is a game you must get
Dante’s Inferno teaser is a vocal sin
Don’t worry, Mass Effect 2 still in space
Yep, Supreme Commander 2 does in fact exist
Alpha Protocol lets you choose your own adventure
NHL 10 premiere trailer is all about the fighting
Madden NFL 10 devs talk about putting in Co-Op
Lego Rock Band makes me want to keep playing
Aragorn’s Quest confirmed, also teased
Silent Hill Wii makes me cream my pants in fear
King of Fighters XII launch trailer
Everything you need to know about Bayonetta


Other Worlds Than These: A world of survival horror
Community blogs of 05/29/09
Forum of the day: Pokemon with action? Blasphemy!

Second set of BlizzCon tickets on sale tomorrow

Rumortoid: Hulu coming to the Xbox 360 in the near future?
Get 43 million kills in Battlefield 1943, unlock a map
Jay-Z, Eminem, join DJ Hero, special version announced
TBS misrepresents their report, rape games not banned
Ico art spotted on Media Molecule’s website
Kojima’s teaser page takes us to…another teaser page!
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is happening
Infogrames becomes Atari, ousts Harrison, and more!
Sony Online Entertainment jacks out of The Matrix
Wolfenstein 3D dated for XBLA and PSN
Whip out your calendar, Sega Vintage Collection 2 has a date

Some beautiful BioShock 2 concept art for you to stare at

Atlus announces Trauma Team for the Wii
No More Heroes 2 looks so f’n hot: Screens, trailer
WayForward brings Mighty Flip Champs to the DSi

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