The Daily Hotness: Why Dead Rising 2 will be 2010’s GotY

This. Because of knives duct tapped to boxing gloves.

Today was Microsoft’s X10 event where they unleashed a ton of news. The Halo: Reach beta was announced, Fable III will have Natal features, Alan Wake is dated, Perfect Dark will be out in March for XBLA and more happened on 02/11/10.

Destructoid Originals:
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A Valentine’s Day gift from Destructoid and Atlus

X10 coverage:
Dead Rising 2 dated, exclusive 360 prologue content
Perfect Dark, Game Room, and more coming this March
Halo: Reach beta arrives on May 3
A closer look at Alan Wake Limited Edition, box art
New Left 4 Dead DLC coming, also comic
Crackdown 2 looks hot, as does its box art
Updates on Final Fantasy XIII bundle, also faceplate
Alan Wake date, trailer, and pre-order bonuses
No plans for Dead Rising 2 prelude DLC on PS3
Day-one Game Room purchases come with exclusive item
Dead Rising 2’s new screens have me squeeing
Capcom reveals more Marcus and Dom in Lost Planet 2
Five things we think we learned about Fable III
Our first look at Left 4 Dead 2’s ‘The Passing’ DLC
There will be no health bar in Fable III

My Expertise: The Grand Jackass of Obscurity
Community blogs of 02/11/10
Forum of the day: Troubleshooting tools and guides

Shiren the Wanderer (Wii)

Show us your gangster side and win Mafia II pin-up calendars


Singularity dated for June, some of you care
Rumor: Expect inFamous 2 in 2010
Pink and blue Wii Remotes hit retail for Valentine’s Day
Killzone 3 details promised over the next few months
Tomb Raider creator refuses to draw Lara nude
Square Enix ‘interested’ in 3D Final Fantasy XIII
Buy an in-game World of Warcraft pet and get a plush too
A Dtoider won that No More Heroes 2 t-shirt contest!
Time Machine? Level 5 trademarks new titles
Microsoft’s X10: What you can expect today
BioShock 2 multiplayer freezing glitch reported
Otis Redding track pack headed to Rock Band
Beatles: RB ‘All You Need Is Love’ DLC dated for Wii, PS3
Split-screen co-op confirmed for Lost Planet 2
Splinter Cell: Conviction getting a 360 bundle
Retailers reveal Alan Wake Limited Edition
A Robotech game sequel shouldn’t make me RAGE, but…
Get a God of War III poster with pre-order from GameStop
Original Xbox DLC back up on Live
Rumor: Prototype, Guitar Hero developers hit with layoffs
January NPD: Wii wins the monthly console sales war

NES and five games for $13,105?

New AvP trailer proves that Aliens are blatantly better
A lot of people downloaded the Bad Company 2 demo
Samurai Shodown Sen coming to the Xbox 360
Midnight Riders coming to Rock Band by way of Rock Band Network
A look at Supreme Commander 2’s ‘Pulinsmash’ in action
Barry and Rebbca get lost in Resident Evil 5 DLC nightmare
Halfbrick: Rocket Racing announced, Blast Off on iPhone
Fashionable and functional: New Brink screenshots
Mega Man 10 dated, all weapon power-ups revealed
GoW III, MLB 10 The Show, Splinter Cell: Conviction on GTTV tonight
Dragon Age: Awakening: Meet Velanna and her army of Ents

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